It is time we elected a responsive Pennsylvania State Representative who will work tirelessly for the people whom he represents, who wants what is best for the State and especially for the 133rd District and all those that reside in it. The time is now for a State Representative who looks beyond Party Politics and focuses on the real issues and real people in order to make a real change. I don't need a job but I do feel a need to make a difference. We need Citizen Legislators to represent us to the Government in this State, and I need you to help me make that happen.
"I encourage you to contact me and ask me questions about Pennsylvania and the 133rd District’s relationship to the Commonwealth. Your thoughts and feelings are vital to the community. I promise to make every effort to see those whom I represent on a regular basis, not taking anyone for granted. After all, we're all in this together!"
My main priorities begin with the following:

1. Hold the line on taxes
2. Make Pennsylvania self-reliant & sustainable
3. Work to re-establish communities & volunteerism so we can help each other while the Federal Government deals with its mess