Red, White & George Fundraising Event

A July 17 celebration will mark the 40th anniversary of the George Taylor house being named a National Historic Landmark. Guests enjoyed a wine tasting and art show from 1 to 4 p.m. to benefit the George Taylor House Preservation Society. Supporters can join the group on Facebook.

Dave (second from the right) with other RED, WHITE & GEORGE supporters.

Independence Day at the George Taylor Mansion

How did you spend your Independence Day? I was at the George Taylor Mansion for a public reading of the Declaration of Independence. To learn more about George Taylor, one of the United State’s founding fathers (one of 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence) click the following link: George Taylor


Induction Day at the U.S. Naval Academy

Hello Friends! Ming and I wanted to announce that our daughter Venus has been accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy. We are so proud of her and wanted to share the moment with everyone. She is there right now and we miss her already but know she will exceed our expectations as she always does.

Ming, Venus, Prometheus and Dave at the Induction Day “I-Day” Ceremonies at the U.S. Naval Academy for the new plebes.

New Website!

Welcome Friends! As you can see, my new website is currently under construction so please bear with me during these growing pains. I promise this new website will have more information and resources than the previous one.

Feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions. I want to hear from you!


Molony Garners 40% of Vote for State Representative Election

It was a close one! Thank you to everyone who helped support me on the road to the November 2 Election. Here are the results so far: